Vassiliki Tsekoura

Vassiliki M. Tsekoura is a graduate of the School of philosophy of the UOA, Faculty of History and Archaeology. She has a postgraduate degree in Education Policy and Social Exclusion. She is occupied in the field of Business Consulting regarding the training of the Employees and the Executives. She was an Entrepreneurship Advisor for the Centre of Entrepreneurial and Technological Development of Western Greece (2003-2008) and implemented, under her own responsibility, training workshops, research workshops using the Delphi method (for start-ups), coordinated activities relevant to the connection of schools with the job market (in collaboration with the Scientific Park, the Industrial Systems Institute, etc, 2003-2005). She has, also, implemented training seminars concerning Employment, Industrial Training and on behalf of Local Institutions and Organizations. She is an expert for ECML-CoE in the frame of the program Language at/for workplace (2012-2015). Scientific Coordinator of the program for the Training of Instructors in Secondary Education employed in private preparatory schools, on Pedagogics and New Technologies (2012-2013) on behalf of the Vocational Training Center DAPHNI. Person in charge of the development of Methodologies in Adult Education (Film Education, Peer Mentoring). She participated in the Study on women’s opportunities for Lifelong Learning (under the auspices of EAEA). Scientific Coordinator of the program GRUNDTVIG _PEER MENTORING FOR ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT, in the frame of which training material on SOCIAL ECONOMY and VOLUNTEERISM was developed. Certified ProfilPASS Coach (DIE). Founding Executive of NGO CYCLISIS. Member of Capacity Builders Network, Europemobility Network.