Press Release – November 2014


 “Together Within” by “Cyclisis” for a society that can fit us all in

The non-profit organization “Cyclisis”, based in Patras, is one of the 40 Organizations which saw with great satisfaction its project “Together Witnin” be approved among the 305 accepted proposals submitted in the frame of two invitations for expression of interest by the Bodossaki Foundation. The «Cyclisis» submitted a proposal relating to the increase in social welfare services to vulnerable social groups, a project in the context of “We are all citizens” programme, sponsored by the EEA Grants, whose fund operator for Greece is one of the largest charitable organizations in Greece, the Bodossaki Foundation.

The program “Together Within” is addressed to young people, 16 to 30 years old who belong to vulnerable social groups such as immigrants, Roma, young mothers and generally people of low socio-economic profile, who experience a kind of exclusion from society. Via activities such as social outings of the participants for dinner in the city, Greek and English language workshops, computer learning, creative activities, cinema, participation in cultural events and the creation of a web radio the “Cyclisis” aims to the direct contact and interaction of people with different social and cultural backgrounds, in order to mobilize and stimulate their self-confidence and self-esteem, now that the local society and its institutions are tested by the financial crisis.

The creation of voluntary groups, peer learning processes (peer mentoring) through life experiences and peer counseling, and ongoing counseling and psychosocial support are designed to make the most of the abilities and the skills of the beneficiaries, in order for them to develop a more optimistic perspective on life and the future and discover abilities that they themselves were unaware of. Moreover, through the European activity and networking of our organization there will be proliferation of the activities and their results and substantial contribution to the local community. For more information visit the websites and, find us on facebook, or call the number 2610 341-472.

Congratulations also to the other Achaean organizations chosen by the program: Therapeutic Educational Center for people with Intellectual Disabilities “Merimna”, Health and Environment Protection of Health Center of Chalandritsa Area Association, “PROTASI” Movement for another lifestyle, Greek Association for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in Western Greece, NGO FRONTIZO, SOPSY Patras.




This project is funded by the Greek NGO Programme«“We are all Citizens”»,which is part of the EEA & Norway Grants for Greece. The Bodossaki Foundation is the Fund Operator of this Programme. The Programme aims to strengthen civil society and enhance the contribution of NGOs to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.