Press Release – First meeting in “Cyclisis” for “Together Within”


The first open meeting of the project “Together Within” took place on December 2nd, with the aim of presenting it and also for the participants to meet with each other. The objectives, the activities and the tools for the implementation of the project were presented by Mrs Vassiliki Tsekoura, Coordinator of the program, who also made a brief reference to the work, the activities and the international partnerships of “Cyclisis”.

The main objectives of the project are to strengthen the participants both individually and collectively, the acquaintance with us and with the other and the more explicit understanding of the skills and the potential of the people who will be integrated in the program. It was noted that one of the many tools that will be used for achieving these goals is the Profil Pass, which is used by the German Government and other European countries, as a key tool for professional orientation. With the help of qualified Counselors the individual detects his/her interests and stirs up his/her experiences with the aim of bringing to the surface his/her actual vocations and skills, so as to blaze a trail of life –on professional and social level– that will lead to success and the satisfaction of real needs.

At the meeting, the people who participate in “Together Within” so far (the counselors-mentors, the beneficiaries –including young unaccompanied migrants from the non-governmental organization Praksis– the volunteers) came together, talked about themselves and their expectations, as well as people who came for the first time in contact with the project. On behalf of Kinisi-Protasi, Mrs Angela Passa, Member of the Scientific Committee of the institution, and Mrs Eleni Mpaladaki, volunteer attended the event and shared their thoughts and expertise with the attendees

It should be noted that whoever is interested to participate in the project can find all the information on the websites and, on facebook and may contact us at 2610341-472 or better yet come to our establishments at Corinthou 337 & Miaouli for a briefing.




This project is funded by the Greek NGO Programme«“We are all Citizens”»,which is part of the EEA & Norway Grants for Greece. The Bodossaki Foundation is the Fund Operator of this Programme. The Programme aims to strengthen civil society and enhance the contribution of NGOs to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.