Our first meeting between the volunteers and the project team!!

On Thursday, November 27, the first meeting of a group of volunteers and of the initial project team, was held in our offices, Corinthou 337 & Miaouli, where a sample of the tools we have gathered in order to use during the course of the workshops and the counseling in “Together Within” was presented. Namely, the following were presented:
1) The Profil Pass as counselling and training tool. The Profil Pass is used for the first time in Greek environment and it will be implemented by –and in collaboration with– certified counselors of the Profil Pass.
2) The program View & Act , which was implemented from 2008 to 2010 from the Cyclisis, the tools and the know-how of which will be used in film and creative activities workshop.
3) An array of Warming Up Activities which will be used for the acquaintance of trainers, beneficieries, volunteers and observers.
Our meeting was carried through with a warming up activity, aiming at the “breaking” and “bonding” of our team!!!!




This project is funded by the Greek NGO Programme«“We are all Citizens”»,which is part of the EEA & Norway Grants for Greece. The Bodossaki Foundation is the Fund Operator of this Programme. The Programme aims to strengthen civil society and enhance the contribution of NGOs to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.