Evanthia Gotsopoulou


Evanthia Gotsopoulou studied Philosophy and Social Studies at the University of Crete, and, apart from the Greek language, she teaches English and French and has attended seminars in many different fields. In addition, she has long-term experience in publications and journalism, by writing articles, taking interviews, editing magazines and books, as well as in translations.

“The marginalization and racism towards the ‘weak’ of the society, who may, probably, be every one of us, are two phenomena that are historically fed and spread, like gangrene, in times of crisis. Education, culture, the commingling and communication is the way to deal with them, to be able to stand upright but also to evolve as society and as individual personalities. So, I participate in the ‘Together Within’ team, an effort that combines all these parameters and will inevitably manage to lift social impasses, to combat prejudices and to compose a new daily routine, certainly for us, and –we hope– also for those who will approach and follow the work and the activities of the team.”